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We were founded in July 2007, was formerly engaged in mysterious fruit planting seedling breeding.
Slowly extend to the biotech industry, because of which the mysterious fruit planting,
Find the mysterious fruit to help the human body, not only the effect of sweetened sour,
Also let our family and friends around the body is getting better.
So we found the miracle fruit to help the human body is how great the benefits
Finally we put into the mysterious fruit health food, established in July 2007
Began developing the mysterious fruit enzymes, and a greater variety of health food
Miracle fruit can hope to allow more people to enjoy!!

Miracle Fruit advantage

What is the miracle fruit?

Native to tropical West Africa, Ghana, Congo area, formerly a kind of palm wine in West Africa, but with a bitter drink. There are times in the rainforest people found this wild fruit, a kind of slightly sweet tasting, until the back only to find palm wine is no longer suffering, so this kind of wild fruit back to the plant, and entertained foreign guests as a courtesy symbol.
When eating the whole fruit with the mysterious pieces into the mouth and throat into the flesh of the skin and slowly, like eating custard-like, chew slowly, and then eating the flesh of the child spit. Then wait for about three to four minutes, the lemon eating mouth, there will be unexpected results immediately. It will be an acid taste into a sweet taste. As for how long the effect can be sustained depends on the individual constitution, it was half an hour on the reply, someone is within two hours of eating lemons are sweet.

Miracle fruit on the human body help?

Studies have proven that it can make the miracle fruit sweetened sour characteristics , so a lack of vitamin c successful people are afraid to eat lemon lemon , absorb nutrients , the Japanese studies have shown that high alkaline ingredients mysterious fruit tree leaves can active peripheral nerves, and improve the acidic physique of modern health considerable help, and a high alkaline content of the fruit itself , also have to improve the acidic effect.

Miracle fruit is quite special in " miracle fruit elements ─ glycoproteins ." This ingredient will produce chemical changes and taste buds , making people feel eating acid . This effect on the elderly and children are particularly helpful. Old sweet, salty taste degradation is severe, but almost no degradation of taste sour , so they too will hear enough food taste , fruit acids , but will be excluded for this reason in particular . The mysterious fruit can help the elderly no longer repel fruit acids , vitamin C helps to absorb . Children , then for more exciting food usually exclude such things is so sour . Mysterious fruit can help children accept the citrus fruits and other acid for absorption of nutrients children also have a significant effect.


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